Since we last marked Safer Internet Day one year ago, the world closed its doors to protect the vulnerable and many of us went online for everything from socializing to homeschooling; the ‘new normal’. The Internet was also a lifeline to those in need of help during the pandemic, from those seeking mental health support, to women suffering from domestic violence.

Throughout the pandemic however, we’ve also seen a rise of hate online. In honor of Safer Internet Day 2021, we’re proud to highlight stories of a few of the brilliant organizations supported by through the €10M Impact…

Continuing our series of Team Profiles, we hear from Liza Belozerova, Program Manager and EMEA Economic Recovery Lead. We recently talked with Liza about her passion for women’s education, international collaboration, and making sure no one gets left behind in times of crisis.

What brought you to this work and how did you start working for Google?

Two major events marked my early life: the fall of the USSR, and then Latvia, my home country, joining the European Union. These truly historic moments triggered tectonic shifts in society around me: reimagining of borders, adaptation to the free market…

Yesterday, we sent this note to the nonprofits we work with to celebrate their accomplishments.

Our grantees have lifted mountains to help communities affected by COVID-19 across the world. We wanted to pay tribute to their work by sharing back what they collectively accomplished in 2020. What they do inspires us on a daily basis. We hope that sharing this letter will inspire others too.

Dear grantees,

Last February, after just finalizing our 2020 annual planning, our team at was gearing up for another big year. …

Continuing our series of Team Profiles, hear how Manager Erin Hattersley helped organizations leverage Googler time and expertise in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Erin (far left), pre-COVID hosting a panel discussion with AI Impact Challenge grantees who received support from Googlers to advance their projects

What was your journey to joining the team?

EH: I’ve always been optimistic about the potential for technology to help address challenges facing society and I believe in the power of collaboration to achieve that, which I’ve seen first-hand throughout my career. My first job after graduating college focused on using technology to solve public health and public safety problems. That job helped me realize the power of bringing together the public and…

Micah Berman built his first website when he was 7. Today, at, he looks for opportunities to use technology to create social change. Continuing our series of Team Profiles, Micah shares how AI can help nonprofits deliver the impact they seek.

Micah, age 10, using a laptop borrowed from a family friend

When did you first become passionate about technology?

I read a book on the basics of HTML programming during a long drive from my childhood home in central Illinois to visit my grandparents in Missouri. The day after we arrived, I sat at their old computer and put together my first website. I was hooked by how…

Over the last few months, we’ve seen many small-medium business owners navigating this unique crisis with strength and creativity, especially those in underserved communities. It’s truly inspiring, but additional support and resources can unlock even more opportunities for them. As part of our economic recovery efforts, granted US$5.8 million to Youth Business International (YBI) and The Asia Foundation to equip 300,000 small and medium business owners in Asia Pacific with relevant digital skills and training so they can find new ways to engage their customers and pivot their business models.

In recognition of Women Entrepreneurship Day, we wanted to…

Continuing our series of Team Profiles,’s Asia Pacific Lead, Marija Ralic, shares her perspective on philanthropy and the transformational power of believing in and investing in people.

Marija with students in Cambodia.

What inspired you to pursue a career in philanthropy?

I was born in a village in Serbia. In my hometown, there was just one school with two rooms. My grade shared a classroom with the next grade and we had one teacher, Dragi, teaching both groups simultaneously. My teacher would teach me and my peers for a few minutes and then he would turn to the other side of the classroom… Portfolio Manager, Maab Ibrahim was recently featured on the Google Keyword where she shared how her personal experiences motivate her work. Continuing our series of Team Profiles, we spent more time with her talking about philanthropy, racial justice grant making, and what she’s learned in her four years on the team.

Maab at the NAACP ACT-SO reception.

Can you describe’s approach to racial justice grant making?

Data is part of our DNA at Google, so our largest grants and volunteer projects have focused on nonprofits closing data gaps across the criminal justice system, ranging from bias in policing practices to jail population trends

Google’s AI Impact Challenge grantee WattTime is pioneering a new approach to tackling emissions, with help from a team of Fellows.

Excitement to work together on a pressing Global program

It’s not every day that you get 50 inbound calls from climate leaders around the globe but shortly after WattTime was announced as a Google AI Impact Challenge grantee, WattTime Executive Director Gavin McCormick’s phone was ringing off the hook. Much like our Google AI Impact Challenge reviewers, the callers took interest in WattTime’s innovative proposal to create a global tool for tracking power plant emissions.

Global power generation accounts for an enormous share of our planet’s greenhouse…

With an estimated 32 million school-aged youth, Brazil has the largest number of students in Latin America. The team at Nova Escola, an online platform designed for teachers to access free student-ready curricular resources, are adapting their work for the distance learning era. Guilherme Luz, CEO of Nova Escola, shares what his organization is doing in response to the pandemic, and why he refuses to give up hope.

Guilherme Luz, CEO of Nova Escola

Can you describe Nova Escola’s mission and the original 2016 project funded by

Our goal as an organization is to create curricular resources that are based on Brazil’s new National Learning…

We bring the best of Google to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges & provide opportunity for everyone. Learn more at

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