Continuing our series of Team Profiles, we hear from Liza Belozerova, Program Manager and EMEA Economic Recovery Lead. We recently talked with Liza about her passion for women’s education, international collaboration, and making sure no one gets left behind in times of crisis.

What brought you to this…

Continuing our series of Team Profiles, hear how Manager Erin Hattersley helped organizations leverage Googler time and expertise in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Erin (far left), pre-COVID hosting a panel discussion with AI Impact Challenge grantees who received support from Googlers to advance their projects

What was your journey to joining the team?

EH: I’ve always been optimistic about the potential for technology to help address challenges facing…

Micah Berman built his first website when he was 7. Today, at, he looks for opportunities to use technology to create social change. Continuing our series of Team Profiles, Micah shares how AI can help nonprofits deliver the impact they seek.

Micah, age 10, using a laptop borrowed from a family friend

When did you first become passionate about…

We bring the best of Google to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges & provide opportunity for everyone. Learn more at

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